Mr. Pickett's Class Page

Each subject specific page has:

* all class readings

* assignments

* study guides

* other class information

Google Classroom

** All assignments must be completed and submitted via a student's "google classroom" period **

**  Assignments should be completed by the dates assigned.  This is best practice **

 ** There is a "grace period" for work to come in late due to various issues **

Google Class Codes:

Period 0 -  Economics:     p4jk2s3

Period 1  -  Psychology:    kelqlbr

Period 2 -  Economics:     itzfmi7

Period 4 -  IB History:      npsw3kv

Period 5 -  Psychology:     s3uyeiz

Communicating with Mr. Pickett


Most communication with Mr. Pickett will be through google classroom

through announcements and questions/responses.

All other communication can be done through email:


** There will be no video or audio conferencing.**

There is no way to ensure privacy or security with "conferencing"

and there is no documentation of the conversations.

Not allowing "conferencing" and having complete documentation of

all communication is in the best interests of students and teacher safety.

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