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Mr. Pickett’s Class Guidelines


General Class Rule:  Students are expected to conduct themselves appropriately in a classroom. has important class information, readings, assignments, forms, and study guides.


Assignments and Grading:

All assignments are given a point value and grades will be based on the total point average. The grading scale is as follows:   


89.5 – 100 = A    79.5 - 89.4= B    69.5 - 79.4 = C    59.5– 69.4 = D    0 – 59.4 = F


Grades are updated and should be monitored regularly on AERIES. In case of errors, students should keep all assignments as evidence of grade until receiving the final semester grade.


Any assignment, including tests, that are submitted late will receive “1 point” credit. Although only 1 point, turning in late assignments (all assignments) will show effort and the desire for the highest grade possible.


There is no extra credit.


No assignments will be accepted via email.


Supplementary Materials:

At times, supplementary materials (movies, videos, readings, etc.), which are relevant and meaningful to the subject matter, may contain adult content (language, violence, R-ratings, etc.) and/or may be controversial. This includes class discussions/students relating personal information. Parent signature on this paper indicates approval for your son/daughter to read, view, hear, or share such materials. Students without parental approval will receive a similar alternative assignment.



Students have the amount of days absent to make up any work, including tests.  Students are expected to attend support period prior to returning to class in order to ask questions, take tests, etc.


Students absent on a test day, or who violate test-taking standards, will take a “make up test,” which may be different than the original format. Make up tests are to be taken during support period.


Absence is not an excuse for missing any assignment with a due date.


Students entering the class tardy will be marked absent unless they notify the teacher directly before the end of class.  Students who leave class without permission or who are gone longer than 10 minutes will be considered and marked “absent.”


Support Period: Students who need additional support are expected to attend support period.


Academic Integrity:

Any graded item that is not the 100% original work of the student will result in a zero and possible administrative referral.

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